Shopping 101 or I Never Met A Bargain I Didn’t Like

If there is such a thing as a shopping gene then I was blessed with an abundance of it.  I was born to shop – or more precisely, to hunt relentlessly for sales.

Once inside a store, instinct takes over. Like a big game hunter stalking his prey, I cautiously approach the racks, searching for that one ultimate, cannot-live-without piece of clothing. It could be lurking behind a pair of pants or in the dangling in the wrong section on a hanger with the wrong size! Most of the time I don’t even know what I am looking for but once I am on the trail of my prized quarry I can be relentless. If it’s out there I will find it.

Garage SaleRetail outlets aren’t enough to quench my shopping thirst. For half the year I indulge my not-so-secret addiction to estate and garage sales. I enter rehab during the winter months when there’s barely a sale to be found and start shaking in the spring hopeful for indications of a garage sale fix. When I am driving my eyes are instantly attracted to the familiar red and white garage sale signs.  In a trance, I find myself compelled to check out the usually false claims of “best “or “huge” sale.  Typically I am disappointed and vow never to stop again…until the next “best” sign tempts me, encouraged by the memories of my last fabulous find.

I know I am not the only shopaholic in town. Fellow shoppers send me your favorite places and best deals, and I’ll incorporate them into a future post. We can swap stories and maybe even an item or two.

Besides, whoever said that saving money doesn’t bring happiness doesn’t really know HOW to shop.

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