Men Are Invading the Spa!

And we’re okay with that
All you fashion-forward, take the bull by the horns, gotta look my best men out there…this one’s for you!!! We know you’re tired of all the great spa products and services being geared toward women. Now it’s your turn!! Want to start the New Year off looking and feeling fabulous? Check out what’s trending in male grooming at the spa…just for you!
Well-groomed, great-smelling men are all the rage these days…in and out of the boardroom. Men are being judged more by their looks, just as women always have been. As a result, they are seeking grooming habits that have previously been reserved for women. Men are visiting salons and spas, and even boosting their morning routine to compete against the fairer sex for those high-dollar corporate jobs, as well as to promote themselves personally.
Until a few years ago, a man was considered well-groomed if he shaved on a daily basis and sported a clean-cut trim. Not anymore! That antiquated ideal is out the window! Enhanced wellness and grooming routines are now the norm among the masculine species. Grooming rituals have drastically changed and men are negotiating with their female counterparts for extended mirror time in the morning.
Men-friendly services and treatments are quickly emerging within the spa industry. Facials, manicures, and massages…men are joining ladies at the spa to take advantage of the wellness benefits women have known about for years. And it’s about time!
But there’s one grooming ritual becoming quite popular among men that no one saw coming. Yep…you guessed it! We are talking about manscaping!! It’s out there and it’s a big deal! Waxing isn’t just for women anymore.
More and more men are hitting the spa to remove hair on their back, chest, arms, and they’re taming that unibrow. They’re even getting their “mankini” on! Hair removal in strategic areas such as legs, groin, and other private regions is becoming prevalent among men because it makes them feel cleaner and smoother. And the ladies certainly aren’t complaining about it!
Today’s guy is manicured, massaged, groomed, and manscaped! Watch out, ladies!! The competition has arrived and he looks fabulous!!

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