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Business Innovation Generator

Entrepreneurial Spirit + Innovation = B.I.G.

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Upcoming B.I.G. Events

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Introduction to B.I.G.

The Business Innovation Generator is a group within the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to support chamber members and drive innovation through their organizations.

B.I.G. Members have an entrepreneurial spirit and know that innovation is about solving problems and implementing new ideas that are creative and create value.

The Business Innovation Generator will provide ideas for businesses that will help them grow.  Many business owners do not have the resources or expertise to fully understand the many facets of owning and operating a business.  B.I.G. will fill that gap with its members who will provide innovative ideas in their areas of expertise.

B.I.G. – The Business Innovation Generator that will help chamber members: Innovate Grow Manage

The following slideshow provides an introduction to B.I.G.  Click or tap on the slide to advance.

Link to Presentation


Who can join B.I.G.?

B.I.G. is open to Greater West Bloomfield members.

What is the cost to join B.I.G.?

There is no cost to attend B.I.G events for chamber members and non-members.

Why join B.I.G.?

B.I.G. programs are designed to help you showcase and manage your business.  Think of joining B.I.G. as your chance to put new machine in your business.  This B.I.G. Machine will provide you with innovative ideas that will assist you in growing, and managing your business.  Not sure about marketing or sales-ask a B.I.G. member or look at B.I.G. Tips or attend our B.I.G. marketing seminar to learn tangible actions you can do right now in your business.  Not sure how to go about hiring the best people? Ask a B.I.G. member or look at B.I.G. tips…. Well you get the picture.  The B.I.G. Machine is ready to be installed at your business, just join to plug it in and the best part is that it won’t take up much space and there are no replacement parts to stock.

How does B.I.G. help you showcase you business?  Check out B.I.G. Perks.

Who can I talk to about B.I.G.

Not sure if B.I.G. is for you yet?  Contact Suzanne or Vito for more information on B.I.G.

B.I.G. Perks

When you join B.I.G. as you might expect there are B.I.G. perks to be had.  B.I.G. members who are in good standing with the chamber will have two opportunities to showcase their expertise.  The first is to participate in B.I.G. tips.  In 500 characters (including spaces) give advice in your area of expertise to Vito and he will will post it on our Member B.I.G. Tips page.  Also, if you are interested in speaking at one of our B.I.G. seminars, let us know.  Participating in B.I.G. Tips and B.I.G. Seminars are two free and great ways to showcase your business and of course are B.I.G. ways to market your business (see the B.I.G. Machine we spoke about earlier is already are giving you innovative sales and marketing advice you can use).


Are you ready to Go B.I.G.?  Contact Suzanne or Vito to join.  We’ll get you on the list so your business can Go B.I.G Time.

For More Information or to Join

Contact Suzanne Levine ( or Vito Curcuru (

Member B.I.G. Tips

Click here to visit the B.I.G. Tips page

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