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Time to sing the praise of an Unsung Hero!

By: Suzanne Levine Posted in Upcoming Events

Event Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020

Stacie René has been in business for over a decade, both as an entrepreneur, award-winning coach and angel investor. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author of the POSITIVE SHIFT AHEAD book and has helped hundreds of businesses, community members, clubs, chambers grow in sales and profits through her highly effective motivational coaching and strategy tips.

Stacie has an inherent aptitude for encouraging the community, children, and empowering women to be the most extraordinary person they can be, and always putting others wants and needs before her own.  She recently made up and delivered “Inspirational bags” to anyone who could use some inspiration, motivation or a pick me up with int the extended community during the heart of the COVID19 pandemic. She had her children make a card for each bag with a positive message. In addition, Stacie did multiple random acts of kindness when she found out someone was in need. 

She stepped in and did numerous zoom presentations,  giving her expertise to help raise awareness on how to control shift your thoughts and attract what you desire, motivational tip and strategies to many that really needed encouragement during a difficult and uncharted time.  In all cases, they were well attended and well received as people are driven to her infallible spirt.  Stacie recently put together a few mindset reset and changing your habit packages, so companies and the community could give back to those who gave so much.

She has an innate ability to make people feel appreciated and help those less fortunate. It is that which keeps her inspired and sets the example for her family, friends, and those she meets within the community to follow in her path. Keeping busy within the community, Stacie’s reputation precedes her.  A leader by nature, she has an overwhelming confidence and persuasiveness that enables strong connections of people with businesses and businesses with people and other leaders.

Community involvement, leadership, and the ability to encourage others to believe and take action is what the WBCC Unsung Hero is all about and there is no one better to receive this award than Stacie Zotkovich. 



Time to nominate deserving individuals who go above and beyond serving our community during these challenging times!

Send in a picture (if you can in a jpeg), name and a brief description of the service they provide.

It can be a grocery clerk, medical professional, delivery person, restaurant worker, home health care worker,

volunteer in the neighborhood who gets supplies for seniors or others who are unable to leave their house, etc.

Maybe it is someone that just makes people smile!

Help us recognize these Unsung Heroes!

We will honor them with an eblast, FB recognition and other forms of gratitude!

Contact the chamber office wbloomfieldchamber@gmail.com

to submit or for more information!

Our next deserving  nominees!

Let’s give a BIG shout out and applause to:

Stacie Zotkovich!




Marjorie Rieckhoff, CCUFC

Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union

3230 N. Pontiac Trail, Commerce Township, MI 48390

 586-263-8800, ext. 321, mrieckhoff@msgcu.org

Debbie Broyles

Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union

29657 Orchard Lake Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48334

586-263-8800, ext. 254, dbroyles@msgcu.org

Contact the chamber office for more details wbloomfieldchamber@gmail.com

New Benefits Add Value to your Chamber Membership!

By: Suzanne Levine Posted in Upcoming Events

Event Date: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Reinvent & Reinvigorate your business…the times they are a changin’

The Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic, business generator.  We are a one-one business matchmaking service that connects you to beneficial community partners based on your specific needs. We will help you strategize and target your resources for maximum results.

We are a Boutique/concierge chamber

Values & Sponsorship Opportunities

 Unsung Hero

YouTube, FB, Website recognition, LinkedIn, Videos, eblasts

Once Upon A Time-tell us your story-Feature in eblasts and Website

Webinars/Zoom meetings

**Sponsorship of section in monthly eblast

**Mention on website of your sponsorship

**3 video mentions a month of sponsorship on LinkedIn & Facebook

**3 eblasts a month with your message

Price range from $75 to $300 (c0ntact the chamber for more information wbloomfieldchamber@gmail.com)

B.I.G. (Business Innovation Generator)

SRG (Senior Resource Group)

W.I.N. (Women’s Inspiration Network)

Y.P.E.N. (Young Professional Entrepreneur Network)

Top Five Reasons to Join the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce

5). Connections, connections, connections

4). One-on-one strategic brainstorming

3). Specialty networking groups that connect you to beneficial community partners

2). Business matchmaking services

1). Connections, connections, connections

Who? Your business

What? To stay vibrant in a dynamic market

 Where? Thru social media, and networking opportunities

How? By joining the Greater West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce

Why? To increase visibility and connections

Special thanks to Vito Curcuru


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